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Music Monday: Dear Arcade Fire…

Dear Arcade Fire,

I love you. Will you marry me?


from Kirby!

P.S. Oh Arcade Fire, you could make an album consisting solely of armpit farts and balloon-rubbing noises, and it would be awesome. You are probably my favorite live act, as your performances have brought me to tears every time I’ve seen you. And look at this, you make ridiculously cool videos, like the latest one for “The Suburbs”, which was directed by Spike Jonze and filmed in Austin.

I love you forever.


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Feline Friday: Cats Rubbing Themselves on Things!

I would say that Fiona and Pepe spend 70% of their time sleeping, 20% fighting, and 10% rubbing themselves on things.  Because I don’t want to bore you with a sleeping video, and because I would feel exploitative showing you a cat fighting video, here is a montage of the cats rubbing themselves on a variety of normal household items!

As you can see, any old thing is good for a rub.  Fiona is particularly fond of damp towels, pizza boxes, and my laptop screen.  Pepe has more perverted tastes, usually going for unlaundered panty hose and shoes that have just been worn all day.  Oh well, I’m not going to judge, I guess….

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Wordy Wednesday: Fordlandia by Greg Grandin

Henry Ford was like many other billionaires in that he had a bunch of wacky– and sometimes offensive — eccentricities that kept him in the headlines.  For instance, he was passionately against cow milk: not because he loved cows and cared about animal welfare, but because he hated cows and wanted to keep them away from everyone (who hates cows?).  He was also a pacifist, which is great.  But then he amped up the crazy-rich-guy meter and set sail on a giant cruise ship called “Peace Boat” headed for Europe, where he and a bunch of hippies and derelicts would do something for peace.  It was never really clarified what exactly they would do, so as soon as they got there, he came right back to the U.S.

But Ford’s special brand of kookiness was especially evident in the model towns he created, namely Fordlandia in Brazil.  He thought that he could create a perfectly peaceful and industrious village surrounding a rubber tree plantation in the jungle.  What he didn’t know was that the Amazon is totally effing crazy and doesn’t care what you think.

What I liked best about Fordlandia was the character portrait of Henry Ford and the historical analysis of his failed philosophies.  He believed so fervently in many things that he helped destroy with the expansion of his factory empire.  The sections describing the insanity of the Brazilian jungle were also very interesting.

What I did not like about this book was all the technical description of “leaf blight,” soil problems, and other issues with planting of rubber trees.  Those sections were generally not interesting at all, so I just skimmed over them.

Overall, this is a great story about the American values that have made the country great and also really stupid in some ways.  It also proves that it’s very hard to have one billion dollars and not be crazy.

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Tasty Tuesday: Kale, Tofu & Apples in Peanut Sauce

I spent every day last week at a workshop; and while all the learning and such was wonderful, I was really super psyched about all the free and tasty catered food they provided every day!  Every morning, I replaced my usual fruit and protein shake with a delightful breakfast burrito!  And every afternoon, I chowed down on the delicious vegetarian-option lunches, which replaced meat with 25 slices of avocado!  And later each afternoon, I enjoyed a delicious mid-afternoon snack, or “second lunch,” as I came to know it, which was usually something along the lines of cookies and more burritos.

Thus, when I got home each day, I could do little besides eat cucumber slices and watch Conan on my DVR.  Not a whole lot of dinner happening last week.

As much as I love eating truckloads of avocado, I was excited to actually start cooking healthy meals for myself again this week.  This kale, tofu, and apple mishmash in peanut sauce is packed with nutrients and tastes scrumptious.

Kale, Tofu & Apples in Peanut Sauce

makes 2 servings


– 1 Tbsp coconut oil

– a big bunch of fresh kale, chopped (I’m talking like 5-6 handfuls)

– 1 6-oz. package of baked tofu (TJ’s makes a good one)

– 1 apple of your choice, cut into bite-sized pieces

– 4 Tbsp peanut butter (I actually used PB2, which is really good for cooking low-fat/low-cal peanut sauces)

– 1-2 tsp lime juice

– 1 tsp honey or agave

– 1 Tbsp almond milk

– a few squirts of Sricha

– sea salt


Heat coconut oil over low heat in a pan (I used my wok for this one).  Add kale and a couple of tablespoons of water, stir, cover, and steam on low for about 6-7 minutes.

Cut tofu into small bite-sized squares, and add to the kale.  Recover and steam a couple more minutes.

Meanwhile, whisk together peanut butter, lime juice, honey, almond milk, sricha, and a health pinch of salt.

Remove pan from heat and add apples.  Stir in peanut sauce so that everything is evenly coated, then serve!!

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Music Monday: Fresh & Onlys Rock My Face!

I love Fresh & Onlys! Their latest album, Play It Strange on In the Red, showcases one of my favorite types of music– that which sounds both punchy and fun, yet also sort of lazy and tired.

This video is also full of cool stuff– goofy light projection tricks, trampoline-jumping, and baby powder-covered faces…  OH YEAH!!

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Feline Friday: Stop Joking Those Poor Fainting Kittens, You JERKS!!

If you haven’t seen this adorable fainting kitten video, here it is.  The cuteness is almost unhandle-able.  Unfortunately, this totally adorable condition is actually a totally horrible disease that killed both of these little furballs a couple of weeks ago.

So if you are watching that freaking stupid laser gun version and laughing, cut it out, you assholes!  NOT FUNNY!!

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Wordy Wednesday: Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou

My mom gave me Letter to My Daughter, by Maya Angelou, for my birthday.  It was very sweet and very short.  I read it in about 2 hours.

In honor of Maya Angelou’s distinguished poetry career, here are some crappy haikus that express my feelings about this little book:


Reading short vignettes

Chillin in a bubble bath

Both are relaxing


Dr. Angelou tells

Demonstrative anecdotes

She knows more than me


Awful things happen

Hilarious things happen

That’s life: don’t give up.


That should give you an idea.  If you like Maya Angelou, you will like this.   If you don’t like Maya Angelou, (a) what’s wrong with you, and (b) you will probably like this too.  It’s very likeable.




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