Music Monday: Lou Reed shows us that it’s okay to get old!

I’m a pretty firm believer in acting your age.  No matter how edgy and radical you were as a youth, once you are old, just be old!  It’s okay!  You can still be cool, but in a hip elder way.

Let me give you an example.  This is Iris Barrel Apfel.  She used to be an interior designer.  Now she’s just awesome.  I can’t wait to be exactly like this lady.  Of course, wearing white pants that go all the way up to my boobs does not seem like a good idea at present; but they look ridiculously fantastic on a 70-year-old woman.  And those huge glasses?  Those are genuine “I can’t see shit” glasses,” and they are still way cool.





Lou Reed is another good example of someone who has embraced his oldness–and his blindness.  The man who was once the leading authority on songs about trannies and intravenous drugs is now 68 years old.  And even though he is still releasing music, I’m a little more intrigued by his latest project: Lou Zoom.





Lou Zoom is an iPhone app for the visually impaired (aka old folks) that enlarges the contact list.  Maybe you’re not allowed to drive with those eyes, but you can still call your pals in style!  Perhaps you feel tempted to joke about this; but I feel like Lou is somewhat impervious to ridicule.  I mean, he performed with Gorillaz last weekend.  He has his own line of Italian eyewear from Tramantano–which appear to be bifocals by description, but still.  He’s 68, people.  For a senior citizen, he’s doing OK.

Go on wit yo bad old self, Lou Reed.  I love you forever.


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